Summer 2019

It’s summer! That doesn’t mean that robotics stops, of course, but we do take a break to enjoy ourselves every once in a while :c) Also featured in these photos are our friends Quasics (2656) and FRobotics (4150)!

Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to this summer….

Robot reveal: Meet IGOR

We are pleased to present our FIRST Power Up robot, Igor!

We will be competing at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional this March. 


FRC Teaser!

Welcome to the start of the 2017-2018 First Robotics Season (unofficially). The teaser trailer has been released!

This year is FIRST Power Up and we're very excited to see what the season brings! 



For the first time this year, we went to Pittsburgh Pride!  It was a very colorful event and we got to bring out our new team banner, which was very exciting. Pride was a fantastic experience for our team and we were the only robotics team present! Hopefully next year more teams will participate in this great inclusive event. 

Autism Speaks Walk!

As you all know, the busy off-season (and one of our favorite part of robotics!) has begun. We participated in the Autism Speaks walk as a team for the first time this year! Since Autism Speaks is our marquee charity (and a cause close to our heart as a team), it was wonderful to go to the walk and be able to fundraise for their organization. We can't wait to do it next year!